So It Goes

Simon Waldram

Record Details

Indie rock, indie pop, shoegaze, slowcore, singer-songwriter

Record Tracklist

  1. You -:-- / 3:16
  2. I Miss the Sun -:-- / 3:49
  3. Don’t Worry -:-- / 3:58
  4. Boats in the Sky -:-- / 3:28
  5. The Wild Wanderings of Wildebeest -:-- / 1:45
  6. Moonstone -:-- / 3:07
  7. Windswept -:-- / 8:41
  8. One May Afternoon -:-- / 1:14
  9. Shimmer -:-- / 4:50

1. You
Simon: vocals, guitar
Isidora Novakovic: cello

2. I Miss the Sun
Simon: vocals, guitar
Andrew Skelton: Fender Rhodes, Hammond organ, piano, mellotron
Dan Jircitano: bass
Alex Rodriguez: drums

3. Don’t Worry
Simon: vocals, guitar
Rebecca Mileham: piano
Jess Townsend: violin
Tom McCluskey: cello

4. Boats in the Sky
Simon: vocals, guitar
Alex Scott: bass
Alex Rodriguez: drums

5. The Wild Wanderings of Wildebeest
Simon: vocals, guitar
Alex Scott: bass
Alex Rodriguez: drums

6. Moonstone
Simon: vocals, guitar
Rebecca Mileham: backing vocals
Jessie Morgan: fiddle
Bruno Delarosa: double bass
Larry Salzman: percussion

7. Windswept
Simon: vocals, guitar
Krysten Henry: bass
Nicolas Bonneyrat: drums

8. One May Afternoon
Simon: guitar

9: Shimmer
Simon: vocals, guitar, keyboards

All songs written by Simon Waldram, except:
Shimmer (Waldram / Haywood)
Birdsong recording on One May Afternoon by Emma Shaw

Produced and mixed by Simon Waldram

This album is dedicated to the memories of Katy ‘Sheggi’ Clarkson and Joan Davies


Posted on May 31, 2021 by furiousBall
Album Review: Simon Waldram – So It Goes

I’ve really enjoyed my friend, Simon Waldram‘s music over the years. I’ve collaborated with him in the past, and looking at the liner notes, seeing lots of guest musicians for the soon to be released, So It Goes boded well for another nice listening session.

The opener, You is a gorgeous duet between Simon and cellist, Isidora Novakovic. The long sustained vocal notes idles along a nice bed of acoustic guitars and meandering cello give way to a really nice chorus. I think Simon’s voice sounded perfect on the slightly roots-y meets the Flaming Lips rocker, I Miss the Sun (great Hammond part on that tune, too!). The strings in Don’t Worry work so well with the rainy afternoon piano, forming the song reminiscent of a Roger Waters-y ballad.

I enjoyed the more uptempo tunes, Boats in the Sky, The Wild Wanderings of Wildebeest but felt that the more delicate pieces were a better sweet spot for Simon and the gang. I really liked the Cure-esque Windswept, mostly because of a slightly more prominent snare in the mix.

Moonstone is another song where Simon’s voice is in a comfortable register. The fiddle really shines on this song as well. The pretty suite of One May Afternoon into the dream-y and lush sounds of Shimmer perfectly close out the album.

So It Goes is another step forward for Simon, and I’m really excited to see my friend enjoy another successful project like this album. Be sure to pre-order your copy from Simon’s Bandcamp page and buckle up for a wonder sonic wash.

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Monolith Cocktail – Our Daily Bread 451. June 9, 2021
Review by Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea

If buying an album of sublime modern day psych folk with a touch of indie pop is on your bucket list well I am here to help. For what we have here is an album of well-crafted heartfelt songs of the aforementioned.

The album gently kicks off with the lovingly atmospheric Nick Drake like ‘You’, which is followed by a beautiful melodious ‘I Miss The Sun’, a song worthy of Grant McLennan in the halcyon days of The Go Betweens, which is then followed by a piano ballad, ‘Don’t Worry’. Three tracks in and all beautifully written and performed and different to the one previous, and that is what is so annoying about this album. No not annoying because it’s an album of pure excellence, but for the fact that Simon is not ‘Better Known’ than he is. For songwriters with his talent and heart should be clutched to the music lovers’ collective bosom and cherished. There is no reason at all why this album should not be a huge success: it has radio friendly indie songs – ‘Boats In The Sky’ should be all over the radio -; it’s perfect indie pop – the wonderfully entitled ‘The Wild Wandering Of Wildebeest’, but for the “They don’t give a fuck” chorus that might cut down on radio play for that particular little gem of a track.

Not everyone can record a 8 minute plus song of bewitching guitar jangle without it getting a bit boring but Simon pulls it off with what I think is the centrepiece to the album, ‘Windswept’, which any Red House Painters fans might want to lend an ear to.

So It Goes is an album that deserves to finally give Simon Waldram the recognition he deserves, as I do not think I have heard a better album this year, and this could well be his 16 Lovers Lane.

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The Delerium Trees – AMJ Music (date unknown)
Review by Drew Jarvie

‘So It Goes’ is Simon Waldram’s eighth album and it continues to display his brilliance as a singer, songwriter and musician. When not busy as a solo artist he also finds time to make music with Cake Sloth, Dynamite For Partisans,
Manko Force, Sky Club* and Meminta**.

The album begins with the haunting ‘You’ – a haunting melody is given a haunting vocal with a simple acoustic guitar accompaniment. Adding to the atmosphere are sustained violins and cellos. ‘I Miss the Sun’, the album’s second track, is a much more upbeat affair, a superb pop song, very much in the style of Australian band ‘Empire of The Sun’. After the yearning of ‘You’ the summery instrumentation and laid-back vocal give an optimistic feel.

A sombre piano introduces ‘Don’t Worry’ and the returning string instruments add to the song’s emotional tug. Beautifully sang, beautifully played. ‘Boats in the Sky’, a great name for a song, immediately lifts the emotion to a happier place. A great pop song, jangly guitars everywhere!

‘The Wild Wanderings of Wildebeest’ sees the tempo increased again, hints of punk and an absolute belter of a bass line. Wildebeest provided a change of style, the next song ‘Moonstone’ shows some the folk influences Simon has
met along the way. Folk tinged, the vocal line is perfect and the counter melodic violin adds to an almost ‘live feel’ A subtle change sees the chorus change to a more bluegrass vibe, further enhanced by some cracking guitar work.

‘Windswept’ is the album’s longest song is beautifully driven by rhythmic guitar, a simple drum beat and a well-spaced bass line, all of which provide the perfect foundation for Simon’s expressive lyrics. Lloyd Cole would do well to match this with his angst driven songs. High praise, well deserved. Keeping the contrast idea with the songs, the longest song is followed by the shortest song the instrumental ‘One May Afternoon’. The acoustic guitar plays lovely broken chords with the occasional full chord. A simplistic but thoughtful melody sits on top, a feel of being at one with nature – singing birds join in with the well-being.

The album ends with ‘Shimmer’, apt as one of the lyrics suggests Autumn has gone and Winter fast approaches. ‘Autumn’ representing the passing of a relationship or a friend, Winter representing the future. Extra shimmer is created by the acoustic and some lovely choral synth effects.

‘So It Goes’ is an album full of different styles, genre changes and emotions. The slow songs create emotion, thoughtfulness, the tugging of heartstrings whilst the faster songs create an optimism, perhaps hope, a sense of well-being in the future. Simon Waldram guides us through these various feelings as well as parts of the year with spacious, almost laid-back vocals. However, this is magnificent use of the voice to create a story, which becomes our friend even in a crisis.

A must listen album, well produced, top class musicianship and most importantly, Simon’s lyrics and message brought to the fore.

One of the best albums I have heard!!!

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*Sky Club was the orignal name for The Dream at the End of the World
**Meminta is a math-rock influenced side-project I happened to mention, but nothing was recorded at the time of this review

Dusted Magazine, Vol 7, No. 9. Sept 17th, 2021
Review by Chris Liberato

Simon Waldram’s refrain-heavy eighth solo album, So It Goes, is a song cycle on love, loss and acceptance influenced by classic indie pop bands like The Field Mice, The Fat Tulips and The Go-Betweens. Indeed, it was the Grant McLennan-channelling “Don’t Worry,” a plaintive reassurance to a past lover, that initially caught my attention. But “I Miss The Sun” betters it, really laying on the Hammond, and squeezing in something noticeably absent from the other songs: a bridge. “When will we see the lull again/Feels like these dark days will never end,” Waldram sings, reestablishing buoyancy as it winds down repeating the title phrase. There’s promise elsewhere, like on the 1960’s-flavored psych strummer “Boats In The Sky,” before it lifts its bow in harmonic repetition a few too many times without checking its fuel gauge first, stranding itself in the firmament. “The Wild Wanderings of Wildebeests” is another one with potential, but its flawless first verse’s worth of strum and fuzz just recurs instead of building towards something of greater impact. The record hits its lowest point on the nearly nine-minute “Windswept,“ a “Primitive Painters” rip that goes nowhere productive. When Waldram starts repeating ad infinitum “I miss you so much/ I can’t let go of this dream of ours,” you wish you could step in and save him from himself. A pleasant enough acoustic instrumental with birdsong follows in the form of “One May Afternoon,” serving as a much-needed palate cleanser and bridging the gap to the album’s closer. However, “Shimmer” is another moaner that never quite rounds into shape and instead fades out and then, unremarkably, back in. There’s an EP’s worth of good material on So It Goes, but as an album it only ends up burning itself with the flame its carrying, leaving the listener wondering, “Who hurt you, Simon?”

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  1. Life's Forgotten Dream [feat. Emzae] Simon Waldram 3:42
  2. Resenah [feat. Emzae] Simon Waldram 3:03
  3. Inside Out Simon Waldram 3:44
  4. Revolution Summer Simon Waldram 3:06
  5. Aim For Me Simon Waldram 2:38
  6. Colliding Circles Simon Waldram 3:14
  7. Thermal Girl Simon Waldram 3:12
  8. Corte Sus Neumanticos Simon Waldram 2:55