Simon Waldram

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  1. Revolt! -:-- / 6:34
  2. Shitkicker -:-- / 1:18
  3. Under the Cobblestones, the Beach -:-- / 3:53

“Revolt!” is from “Swalaka” – a split cassette with Halaka

The artwork is adapted from a poster called “La beauté est dans la rue” (“Beauty is in the street”), which was created by The Atelier Populaire during the May 1968 uprising in France. The slogan “Under the Cobblestones, the Beach” and the speech at the beginning of the song of the same name (taken from the Seymour Drescher documentary “Confrontation: Paris, 1968”) are from the same movement.

The voices at the beginning of “Shitkicker” are from a UC Berkeley Student March from 2014 which featured disturbing scenes of police brutality. Footage can be seen here:

Our governments exist purely to protect their own interests and exploit us. In a democracy they are supposed to serve us, but it is clearly us who serve them.

However, we, the masses, have the power to change this if we stand up and all push in the same direction. The spirit of ’68 is still with us! We don’t have to take this anymore if we don’t want to.


released January 24, 2015

Simon: vocals, guitars. drum programming
Frank Coleman: drums on “Revolt!” and “Shitkicker”

“Revolt!” written by Waldram / Coleman / Hughes
“Shitkicker” and “Under the Cobblestones, the Beach” written by Waldram

  1. Life's Forgotten Dream [feat. Emzae] Simon Waldram 3:42
  2. Resenah [feat. Emzae] Simon Waldram 3:03
  3. Inside Out Simon Waldram 3:44
  4. Revolution Summer Simon Waldram 3:06
  5. Aim For Me Simon Waldram 2:38
  6. Colliding Circles Simon Waldram 3:14
  7. Thermal Girl Simon Waldram 3:12
  8. Corte Sus Neumanticos Simon Waldram 2:55