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Brian Bordello, July 29, 2018

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Simon Waldram – Insolation

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This LP was self released in 2016 on Simon Waldram’s Bandcamp page – and it deserved (and in fact still deserves) to reach a much wider audience. I do not really understand why a label did not snap this up for it certainly is a commercial enough and with the right backing and publicity could have easily crossed over to a wider audience. But what do I know? If I like it there must be something dark and slightly off kilter about it and there certainly is. There’s a beautiful dark melancholy running throughout the whole LP but a very beautiful magical darkness that not many can write. There are songs worthy of The Go-Betweens on this fine LP If you took track three ‘Car Glass Window’ and placed it on any of the Go Betweens albums it would not be out of place on any of them.

There are so many fine songs on this 20 track LP – yes 20 tracks! And not one of them you could call filler, from the beautiful psych folk of Dandelion and Resenah to the Mary Chain indie pop of ‘Alone In Berlin’ and the Red House Painters-like ‘Barely Even Here’.

It gets me so fucking annoyed actually listening to this record because it is so bloody good and that I have to write about it under the title “An album you need to hear”. There should be no bloody need as every music lover should already have heard it and have a copy in their collection – and not just on download either, but on a double vinyl with gatefold sleeve with lyric sheet to read as you listen. Some record label should pounce on this and put this wrong right and give it a chance. Everybody deserves the chance to hear this LP…even if they are A CUNT.

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  1. Life's Forgotten Dream [feat. Emzae] Simon Waldram 3:42
  2. Resenah [feat. Emzae] Simon Waldram 3:03
  3. Inside Out Simon Waldram 3:44
  4. Revolution Summer Simon Waldram 3:06
  5. Aim For Me Simon Waldram 2:38
  6. Colliding Circles Simon Waldram 3:14
  7. Thermal Girl Simon Waldram 3:12
  8. Corte Sus Neumanticos Simon Waldram 2:55