Welcome to the new website for Nottinghamshire-based singer-songwriter, Simon Waldram!

I’ve known Simon for a few years now, ever since he very kindly volunteered to do some music reviews for my (currently on hiatus) ObscureAlbums.com website through Last.fm.

I’ve been promising him a new site for ages, so it’s better late than never!  Simon’s enthusiasm and positivity is infectious, and he is quick to praise and encourage other artists.

My favourite track of his is currently “Corte Sus Neumanticos” – which you can listen to here – but he has an extensive and rich back catalogue that veers from noise rock, to psych-folk, to indie.

Check out the Music section if you’re not sure where to start or check out his Bandcamp page.

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  1. Life's Forgotten Dream [feat. Emzae] Simon Waldram 3:42
  2. Resenah [feat. Emzae] Simon Waldram 3:03
  3. Inside Out Simon Waldram 3:44
  4. Revolution Summer Simon Waldram 3:06
  5. Aim For Me Simon Waldram 2:38
  6. Colliding Circles Simon Waldram 3:14
  7. Thermal Girl Simon Waldram 3:12
  8. Corte Sus Neumanticos Simon Waldram 2:55